"Blaze Your New Destiny."
This smartphone, designed for hard workers, features essential functions only and comes with productivity apps.



   Android-based smartphone users begin to experience stability issues after one to two years of use. For example, their device may get slower or they encounter unexpected app crashes. These stability issues also lead to security vulnerabilities.
   SUNBLAZE OS features essential functions only, meaning it does not have any unnecessary functions. This allows the system to be more stable and secure, and users are able to use it for a longer period of time.

  • Can be used for at least three years without stability issues
  • High security standards
  • No unnecessary apps


  • Currently produced at $35 (1GB RAM). The cost is to be lowered to $25 in the future.
  • The functions are to be with NFC, fingerprint, waterproof, and tablet in the future
  • User-replaceable battery

Productivity apps

Significantly more affordable

   Standard-tier Android-based smartphones are priced at about $100 (retail price) in developing countries, and last about one to one and a half years. Of course, there are ones that are even cheaper, but some of them display stability issues right out of the box.

   A SUNBLAZE-based smartphone that is equivalent in functionality to $100 Android phones can be produced at $35 or less, and we will lower the cost down to $25 within two to three years.


   Some people use smartphones for gaming or watching videos, but our smartphone is for work-oriented people.
   Flip phones may be enough for productivity purposes, but there are many apps that are not supported by them, such as micro-financing apps and e-learning apps.

  • Users can quickly become independent using micro-financing apps
  • Users can acquire knowledge for work through e-learning
  • Users can increase their social credibility through a credit scoring system

Demo of Apps

Demo of "Moconavi"

This app is Mobile Application Management and Option service.

Details of Device

Screen: 4 inch

Size: 126 x 67 x 9.6 mm

Weight: 180g

Camera: 5M Pixel w/ Auto Focus

Battery: 1500 mAh


Storage: 8GB

Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Network: 3G/4G, SIM Free, Need APN setting

Sensors: GPS, Bluetooth 4.0

Other: AC adapter, USB cable, Earphone, Color Box

Use Cases

In Emerging Countries: India, Myanmar, Brazil, Rwanda

Agriculture, Retail

In Developed Countries: Japan

Coming soon...

​Other Information

Coming soon...


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"Blaze Your New Destiny."

Those who work hard are denied by common sense or destiny.
Someone said to them, "that is not possible."
Someone is laughing at them behind their backs.
They are alone, not knowing how to succeed.
We are the only ones that truly understand
the "darkness" that they are going through.
The "darkness" is lit by blazing sun,
which is their passion and future.
We'd like to support for their passion and see their future.
"SUNBLAZE," a smartphone for hard workers

About Amegumi, inc.

We develop our OS in Japan, build our hardware in China, and conduct sales in India. We work together, regardless of our social and academic backgrounds.

   We have already received investment about over $1M from 3 venture capital funds as well as 16 angel investors, completed a hardware mass production, and secured distribution routes. We are currently looking for developers that will provide us with apps to be pre-installed on our smartphone.
   If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.