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Company overview

Company Name

SUNBLAZE, Inc. (ex Amegumi, Inc.)


Nishishinjuku Mizuma bldg 6F, 3-3-13, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan


7th, July, 2022


JPY 10,000,000 (USD about 100,000)


Universal Basic Happiness / Scalable Social Business

Business Outline

Development and sales of B2B low-cost smartphone “SUNBLAZE Phone”


Sep 2021: Pivot from SUNBLAZE Phone

Apr 2022: PoC with some schools

Company in India

Amegumi India Private Limited


4th Floor, No. 22 Salarpuria Towers - I Hosur Road, Koramangala BANGALORE Bangalore KA 560095 IN


16th, Apr, 2020




Kotaro Fukuoka

Business Outline

Japanese Business Class


Karnataka, Bihar, Delhi NCR, Tamil Nadu, etc



Universal Basic Happiness
/ Scalable Social Business

There is a limit to how far capitalism and democracy can go towards bringing happiness to the whole human race. People who have money will purchase products and services from large, medium, and small companies, in order to solve their own problems. Those who can win majorities will use public services to solve their problems. However, those who have no money and are minorities are unable to solve their problems, and end up as the weak in society, finding it very difficult to escape such societal issues as poverty, abuse, and suicide. On the other hand, since services such as Google and Facebook are available for free, they can be used even by the poor. If such a large social business could be created, it would be possible to provide to the weak in society the basic elements of happiness.




Founder, CEO Eisuke Tokiwa

Born in 1991, used a smartphone to escape a household of poverty and abuse. Wondering “why am I stuck in this societal problem”, he studied for 10 years while being a subject of the issue, and in 2021 published “Warumono Zukan (Encyclopedia of Bad People)”. Throughout his research, he made recommendations regarding government policy towards Minamata Disease, participated in the campaign to allow the use of the internet in Japanese elections, attended the Tokushima app development camp, winning the 2nd ICT Tokushima prize, participated and wrote a report about a fundraising event run by an American NPO, and created digital art that garnered around 100 million yen in crowdfunding. Throughout his career, he learned design and programming, worked for marketing using data analysis for 3 years. Then in 2016, he started Amegumi Corporation, and worked on the development and sale of the “SUNBLAZE Phone”, smartphone for developing countries with a proprietary OS, and “SUNBLAZE Portfolio”, which allows for the expression of uniqueness and diversity. Participating in activities while alive that can be passed on to the next generation so that two to three hundred years from now a societal system can be created that realizes “Universal Basic Happiness”.


Amegumi India Pvt Ltd, Director Kotaro Fukuoka

1989 born in Kumamoto, west side of Japan
2014 Graduate from university of Tokyo
Bachelor of Literature
Backpacker and traveled all over the world
3+years experience of Business and Social activity in India
Experience of World No.1 HR company and CSR representative
2020 Join Amegumi as a Director
Social works: Supports NGOs in India donated Foods, Blankets, medical support and Shoes to more than 9,000 people.

Established NGO in Japan named " Musubite", connecting hands, so that we work more broad for the people who are in need.
Ambition: To make the world where no one has to give up because of external reasons.

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