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Project Line


Information about the various projects Amegumi is currently working on.


Online education with Super30

Super30 is an educational NGO established in 2002 in Bihar, the poorest state in India. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it accepted 30 children every year and provided education, accommodation, and food for free, and boasted a pass rate of over 90% for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), the most difficult universities in the country. In 2019, it was made into a movie based on its true story. We conducted demonstration experiments with 30 smartphones, and then started using 500 tablets also collaborating with I'mbesideyou, a Japanese start-up company. We also provide the SUNBLAZE Portfolio together with smartphones to manage homework.


From online training using videos to recruitment

Through the SUNBLAZE Portfolio, we have the users enter the necessary information for employment in advance and take online pre-training with videos. We let them grasp the big picture of the job and actually do the job, and lead it to recruitment if it seems good. We conducted demonstration experiments with SAKURA HOME Service (founder: Saki Tsuru), which offers house cleaning services in India. We provided lessons and videos full of training know-how online to six women who did not have the opportunity for skill training or employment due to their surrounding environment but wanted to participate proactively. It was decided to hire two of them based on a comprehensive judgment on the attitude during training, participation rate, understanding level, etc. The SUNBLAZE Phone has also been utilized as a tool for communication with the families and company after the recruitment. As a result, recruitment issues were resolved, and two women in poverty and their families succeeded in earning regular incomes and moved out of poverty.


Digitalization of Emerging Countries' Farming Labor

Emerging countries’ farmers share the same problems: they lack money and knowledge about farming techniques. These problems can be solved by the existing Agritech and Fintech apps. For example, they can learn about farming techniques, EC of agricultural materials, financing for cash flow, and IoT data obtained from soil and water. However, since literacy rates are low, they don’t know about those things and think that an old flip phone will suffice. On the other hand, local farmer groups, startups, and big agricultural companies all have high literacy rates, so we want them to have smartphones. If they are given smartphones that come with all the apps preinstalled, farming efficiency will make a big leap forward.


Online videos for Cross MD promotion at retail stores

It is troublesome to update existing electronic/digital signages since the contents are played with SD cards. Even if they can be updated online, they cannot be linked with IoT sensors or other apps because no OS is installed. Since the SUNBLAZE Phone is a regular smartphone, it can be updated online and linked with other apps and IoT sensors. It is also possible to provide a video player app that can lock the screen and a management screen that can perform live monitoring.
We are now working on demonstration experiments with drugstores to promote different products (e.g. snacks and alcoholic beverages) to be sold together (Cross MD) based on customer insights

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