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  • 執筆者の写真洸太郎 福岡

Education regardless of Lockdown

Under lockdown, it is not only children who need education, but also adults lost the chance to get education.

We, Amegumi, have started a PoC with Ashalaya, an NGO working under the banner of Skill India.

Ashalaya is a non-governmental organization working under the banner of Skill India, which provides skills training and job placement to people between the ages of around 18 and 35 in the state of Karnataka.

In addition to skills training, the organization also provides education to children, accepts orphans, and provides a wide range of community support.

Skills training includes working at a beauty salon, working at a store, sewing, etc. They don't just provide skills training and leave it at that, but also provide support in terms of introducing them to companies to work for.

We decided to start the PoC because the organization provides opportunities to learn, and those who learn well are given opportunities to work, which is in line with the philosophy of Amegumi and myself.

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