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  • 執筆者の写真洸太郎 福岡

Meeting with Mr. Anand Kumar, Super30


We, director Kotaro and operation head Ravi, met Mr. Anand Kumar, founder of Super30 at his house in Patna.

We discussed about future education with online power so that we can give the educational opportunities to the people who don’t have a chance to access due to external reasons.

Before COVID-19, he has worked really hard for 30 students every year in Patna but now, he couldn’t open his offline class due to current scenario. We, Amegumi and he, Super30 decided to conduct online education together with our devices and system so that we continue education for more than 500 children in India as a pilot stage.

All of us have the same purpose to work together for the people and future on ground basis.

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